"Do you know what styles you like for your dream home, but have no idea where to start or how to pull your ideas together?"

It takes more than a few saved Pinterest images to design your dream home.

We’ve created the Wood Connexions Interior Design tool make the whole process a lot easier.

From the very beginning you can either upload a picture of your own living space or choose one of our images. Once you’ve uploaded the image you then simply select one of our flooring products and see how amazing it looks.

Our process takes you from feeling completely overwhelmed when designing the interior of your home to confidently creating your dream home.

Interested? Why not try uploading now?

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Wood Connexions Flooring

Wood Connexions Flooring

Design and uniformity do not go hand in hand…

Design means extracting the DNA of an idea and seeing what can be developed from it.

At Wood Connexions we understand that every project has it's own story to tell.

It is a projects identity that sets it apart, which is why our luxury flooring range stands out as opposed to following and merging into existing trends.

Good interior design is more than just the way things look, which is why your choice in flooring deserves the same dedication to detail.

It's about using our visualisation tool to enhance your interior to show it's full potential.

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Find the perfect flooring to suit your space. We stock a wide range of colours, grades and textures...